tourist visa

Tourist Visa Conditions (For Women)

Saudi Arabian tourist Visa is becoming more popular now a days.…
Iqama check kafeel name

Iqama check kafeel name online in Saudi Arabia

If you are in Saudi Arabia and you do not know your Kafeel name…
iqama fund

Iqama Fund Online Available From Your MOI Account

You can easily check your iqama fund online available in you…
check iqama huroob

How to check iqama huroob online in Saudi Arabia

There is still no free online service to get sure about to check…
football matches live

Women allowed to watch football matches live!

Another milestone in the history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon…
UAE work visa

Good character certificate now necessary for UAE work visa

As already,  many rules are changing in United Arab Emirates…
Dependents Exit Visa

Dependents Exit Visa who are not in Saudi Arabia

There may be some chances that your family came on Exit Re-entry…
Jawazat Services fees 2018

New List of Jawazat Services fees 2018 in Saudi Arabia

As many of expatriates know better there are many changes in…
check Transfer

How to check Transfer iqama or change of sponsorship

According to new law in Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Labor (MOL)…

How to register Absher online and use absher services in KSA

There are plenty of free services for Expatriates provided by…

Iqama Expiry Date in KSA

Its very easy to check your Iqama Expiry Date in KSA or Iqama…
Reserved Professions

List of Reserved Professions only for Saudis in KSA

Things are changing day by day in Saudi Arabia and you get daily…

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