Welcome at GoExpa.com

GoExpa (Go Expatriate) is basically a information hub for expatriates all over the world. With this website any expatriate can get information about the living, rules and regulation of their country.

First we have launched this website only in Saudi Arabia and we would like to share all of our team’s knowledge with you. We are group of people working day and night for this website to inform you about the latest news and also about your living.

Further more we will expand it day by day with more countries and after Saudi Arabia we will move to rest of GCC and off-course move to Europe etc.
The main objective of this website to inform all expatriates to get knowledge how the people are living here and what about the traditions etc. We will also help you out to get to know about some processes which are very important to know to live in Saudi Arabia.
We will update you by Email if you want, then just subscribe our news forum and also like us of Facebook and Twitter to get more updated news and processes happening here.

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