Saudi Women

Driving in Saudi Arabia allowed for saudi women

Driving License for Saudi Women

A very big step towards the vision 2030 and a boost to the economy, king Salman finally decided to allow the women in Saudi Arabia to drive the cars on 27th of September. The age limit to drive the cars is set as minimum as 18 years with a valid driving license for saudi women.

Now how will this decision effect the economy and some other factors?

Lets have a look!
As soon as the female drivers will occupy their own car for driving, the drivers will have to go back to homes. Most of the drivers who belong to mostly Pakistan, india , Bangladesh etc will loose their jobs.
Also ,when female drivers are on the road ,eventually traffic will increase and their will be rush on roads.
Saudi women as they are mostly educated and have different skills but didn’t have any opportunities given to them,now will be able to go out on their own and get different jobs easier than before.