Change in Iqama Status not allowed

As we know that many expatriates in kingdom come here on visas which are not related to their profession or skill and later on they change their status while staying in the kingdom.
But now the ministry of labor has stopped changing the iqama status that is job/profession titles .
This new decision has created a panic among expatriates as whatever your job is ,you are going to be treated according to the profession/status written on your iqama.
Most of the expatriates used to come on labor visa , now cannot take the benefits of their actual profession and most of all, cannot bring their families to the kingdom .
Rumors are there that this decision will be taken back after sometime but still it has created a lot of problem for many of the experienced and skilled workers who are now in trouble.
 According to some reports if a person has valid profession skills ,he can also challenge his iqama status electronically and can hope for his iqama status to be changed.
All of the new reforms are eventually leading towards the employment of Saudi nationals on higher ranked jobs as most of the Saudis even they are well educated are still unemployed.