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How to check Transfer iqama or change of sponsorship

According to new law in Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Labor (MOL) and MOI (Ministry of Interior) issued a notification that all expatriates living in Saudi Arabia must have the exact job according to their profession and also same sponsor (Kafeel) on Iqama whom they are working. To check “How to check Transfer iqama or change of sponsorship status online” please read this full article.
There are many cases in Saudi Arabia for expat who are working against their profession on iqama and also working with another Kafeel and that is totally illegal now. As Saudi laws are implementing strictly day by day for expatriates, so one should must care about these issues.
The best to update yourself you need to check what is your profession and who is your kafeel. For this you have a free online service provided by Ministry of Labor or if you want to go to Jawazat you can also check these details over there.
This web application has been developed only in Arabic language and if you can understand arabic that’s ok, otherwise you can use Chrome Browser language translator for this web application.
First you nee to go to this link ——–> Ministry of Labor Website
Secondly you will see one drop down and from it you have to select “نقل خدمة عامل وافد”
Then select “رقم إقامة العامل” which means your Iqama Number and put Number verification captcha as shown in your case having 6 numbers.
Lastly you need to click on “بحث” which means search which will check transfer of your iqama.

Congratulations !

You can also use google chrome default language translator if you are not feeling comfort with Arabic website.
If you see the result page, you may see the transfer is being processed or something like or if your transfer has been completed then you will see your new kafeel name in result area which is below of this form.
Now its turn to ask your current kafeel to accept this transfer as soon as possible and let it to be complete.

After completing the process you will see a message that your transfer has been completed and now you are on new kafeel. Ask you HR to perform their necessary actions and issue a new iqama to you.
Sometimes this process takes a long time and that case you need to follow up with jawazat but this happens rare and all this process does not take more than 3 to 4 days.

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