Iqama check kafeel name

Iqama check kafeel name online in Saudi Arabia

If you are in Saudi Arabia and you do not know your Kafeel name then there are many ways to check iqama check kafeel name online in Saudi Arabia.

Easy and convenient way to Iqama check kafeel name using the official Ministry of Interior website (MOI) Saudi Arabia and if you are not registered and want to get information how to get registered then just follow this link.

You can also check your Kafeel ID on your passport page where your visa has been stamped or you may check with your company’s HR to inform you about this.

There are many scenarios in Saudi Arabia or in easy words you can say problems in which you want to know your Kafeel ID, this Kafeel ID you can find on your passport stamped visa page and there will be one title named as “سجل”. With help of this Sponsor ID or Kafeel ID you can Exit re-entry visa status in Saudi Arabia, Medical Insurance expiry and many more thing, so you must know this kafeel ID if you are living in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama check kafeel name

Secondly you can iqama check kafeel name online with your MOI Absher account and that is the easy one and you can see your Kafeel ID with your Kafeel Name, that’s is we were talking about.

MOI Absher

If you are already registered with your MOI account then login your MOI Absher account with your Iqama number and password then SMS verification and then you will be logged in.

Once you logged in just go to E services and then Family Visa Service and click on it. When you click a new window will open that shows New Family Visa Application and View/Print Submitted Applications. You need to click on New Family Visa Application button.

Iqama check kafeel name

After clicking on this you will get one details page with your Kafeel ID and your Kafeel Name. In below section of this page you can easily find your both Kafeel name and ID.

Thirdly you can ask your company’s HR about it and this is more easy way, but some companies do not want to share these kind of information with you due to some privacy issues, so you can check with second method which I described above through your online Absher account.

You can also check your Kafeel Name using the official Ministry of Labor website (MOL). All you have to go to MOL website by clicking here

then click on “نقل خدمة عامل وافد” which you can see on the fourth position of this drop down menu.

Then change radio button selection to “رقم إقامة العامل”  and enter your iqama number. After this you need to provide image code and then click on “بحث” which means search.

Once you submitted this you will see result in the bottom of this form or this website and you will be able to see your kafeel name in ( ).

This option can also be checked when your Iqama sponsorship has been performed. You can see with the last provided method that when your new kafeel request to your old kafeel for change iqama sponsorship.