iqama fund

Iqama Fund Online Available From Your MOI Account

You can easily check your iqama fund online available in you Ministry of Interior account. These funds can be deposited through any Bank ATM from Saudi Arabia or you check also deposited these funds through online banking of your bank account.
These funds can also be deposited from your friend’s bank account if you do not have any bank account in Saudi Arabia. Once you deposited some amount in you MOI account then you can querry it or check it online just to verify only.
These funds can be used to renew your iqama, Change of Sponsorship, Family Visit Visa, Family Permanent Visa, Transferring you car ownership and many more.

If you had deposited some amount in your MOI account and after that you realize you should not do this or by mistake or your company paid for you then you can withdraw this amount but withdrawn amount will be sent back only to that account from which this deposit had been performed.
Here below you can check step by step process to check your iqama fund online.
First you need to go to official Ministry of Interior website by clicking here.
Change the website language to English if you are not comfortable with Arabic language that is available option on top left side of this website.
You will see the website menu and just click on E-Services which is available in the top middle of this website.
Then click on option that is MOI DIWAN which is available on the top left of this website.

iqama fund
Then on the right of this page pane you will see Public Query Available Funds.
Now you need to fill up this small form with your iqama number and image code that is shown your case and press View button.


iqama fund

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