Jawazat Services fees 2018

New List of Jawazat Services fees 2018 in Saudi Arabia

As many of expatriates know better there are many changes in Saudi Arabian laws that began with New Year of 2018. Some Jawazat Services fees 2018 for expatriates have been updated but still some of them are same one. Jawazat provides plenty of services which include Iqama services, Visa Services, Sponsorship services, Profession change and many more.

I have received many expatriate’s requests on my social media channels to write article about the latest Jawazat Services fees 2018.

You can check the list of services and their updated fees here from MOI (Ministry of Interior). The services list which I will provide are famous one and if you want to get more details or any service which is not describe here just go to MOI website and find out there.

Visa Services fees 2018

Domestic work Visa Fee is 2300 SR

Permanent Family Visa fee is 2000 SR

Single Exit Re-entry visa fee is 200 SR (2 months) and if you want additional extension then you have to pay 100 SR per month.

Multiple Exit Re-entry visa fee for 3 months is 500 SR and if you want extension you need to pay 200 SR per month.

You do not need to pay any fee for Final Exit Visa and if you want to departure through Seaport then you need to pay 50 SR.

Iqama Services fees 2018

Domestic worker total fee is 600 SR (Iqama fee is 500 SR and Work License fee is 100 SR).

Iqama Renewal fee is 350 SR for Domestic worker (Iqama Renewal fee is 250 and Work License fee is 100 SR).

For Employees having first Iqama working as business fee is 650 SR.

Muqeem issuance or Dependent Renewal fee above 18 years is 500 SR.


Sponsorship Transfer fees 2018

First time fee is 2000 SR

Second Time fee is 4000 SR

Third Time fee is 6000 SR

Changing Iqama Profession in KSA fee is 1000 SR.

Sponsorship transfer of wife fee is 2000 SR and Extension of Family Visit Visa fee is 100 SR.

As you have seen there is no change in this category.


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