Qatar Visa

Qatar Visa Requirements, Rules and Regulations

A lot of people now a day especially from low income families and 3rd world countries want to expand their business or to enhance their way of living by any means. Most of them choose to work outside of their home country such as Qatar and for that one should know about the requirements of Qatar Visa. Qatar is one of the destinations which people desire to work in and stay due to standard of living and many other opportunities. If you are one of those people and want to expand your business or want to start work in Qatar then you must have knowledge of different types of Qatar Visa to explore your chance of settling in Qatar.

There are different types of visas and rules and regulations are also not very similar to other countries visa procedures.

Government of Qatar has given privilege to 33 countries of visa on arrival. They can just come at any airport and apply for a visit visa on the spot with a small payment. They can also apply online for this visa following some rules and regulations. However, these are not permanent visas. You can stay in the country for the allowed period only.

This article will tell you about different types of visas and procedure to get the visa.


These types are listed below as:


3 Days business visa:


This business visa can be obtained for a short time period of 72 hours (3 days) also on arrival at the airport. This visa helps if you have arrived in for a business meeting or you want to attend some business seminar etc.


3 month business visa


This visa is not same as to the above mentioned type of visa. This is more like a work visa which comes in case u gets a contract with some employer in Qatar. That employer is responsible for this visa and hence as it is a work visa its validity is for 3 months.


Investor visa


This visa is for the business class people who want to invest their money in Qatar for business purposes. But there are some rules to apply for this type of visa which you should read thoroughly before applying. This visa also secures you residence in Qatar. You must have a good conduct certificate along with health medical certificate and proof of your financial stability and property ownership.


Documents required for Qatar Visa:


To apply for above visas, you will need following documents:


Passport valid for 6 months

Financial proofs

Complete personal attested documents

Contract or invitation letter from employer in case of work visa

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