Saudi national

Saudi national priority in all sectors

As soon as vision 2030 came forward, soon all the rules and policies abruptly and quickly changed for all the expatriates working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the fall in the oil prices all over the world, now Saudi government is making its way through to raise its economy other than in oil sector. Before some time, Saudi Arabian economy totally depended on oil revenue but now trends are changing.

After vision 2030 was launched, the government is trying to of give most employments to  Saudi Nationals prior to the expatriates along with imposing higher taxes, higher family taxes, VAT and higher visa fees so as to limit the number of expatriates and to increase the number of Saudi Nationals in most of the businesses.

Due to these taxes, already many of the expatriates have left the Kingdom; others have sent their families back home as the new taxes are hard to be paid by everyone. Now we can also see Women Saudi Nationals in many job sectors working finely and mostly businesses are already occupied by Saudi Nationals too.

New Nitaqat System‘ also strict many companies to hire new expatriates as they will not be able to get new visas for expatriates until they follow certain rules given in this Link.

This Nitaqat system is also aimed to provide Saudi nationals more jobs as many educated Saudis are still unemployed and they have no jobs to fit in. Other than higher ranked companies, no other companies would be able to hire new expatriates which will automatically force them to hire more locals which will give a boost to Saudi economy and their revenue.