Saudization Plan

Saudization Plan of the Recent Saudi Government

As a part of Saudization plan of the recent Saudi government in different government and public sectors, according to the Ministry of Labor ,12 types of jobs are recently listed to be for Saudi nationals only. This directive is to be implemented till September 2018 as said by the authorities. Soon there will be a wave of job cuts for expats in more sectors as Saudi nationals are going to overtake them in many places.
The jobs restricted to Saudi nationals are listed as:
Watch sales
Opticians and medical equipment
Car sales
Motorbikes sales
Cloth shops
Building materials
Home furnishing
Auto spare parts
Ministry also added that it will hire female workers in said jobs wherever it is suitable for them to promote women power and to empower Saudi women. All of these moves are taking place so as to employ the Saudi nationals ,bring them to work power to demolish the unemployment rate which is increasing day by day among Saudi nationals.even though the Saudi nationals are taking degrees and are well educated but even then they cannot get proper and good jobs according to their degrees. these steps are being taken to help the Saudi community to work and to boost their earning in their own country.