Woman Driving in Saudi Arabia

Woman Driving in Saudi Arabia as taxicab drivers

Another achievement in empowering the Woman Driving in Saudi Arabia is now in the air. Chairman of Public Transport Authority (PTA) Rumaih Al-Rumaih reportedly informed media that soon they are planning to hire Saudi Arabian women as taxicab drivers from June 2018 when women will officially be allowed to drive their vehicles in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Car aid services like Careem and Uber have welcomed this idea of the government as they have already announced hiring of female Saudi Arabian drivers as their captains. Co founder and CPO at Careem also quoted that they are deciding to hire more than 10000 female Saudi Arabian drivers in the next 6 months before the women are officially driving on roads of kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also said that it will provide a better and safe ride for the women who go alone to work and are not comfortable with men drivers. Careem is currently taking cvs from female drivers likely to become Careem captains.
Same plan for Woman Driving in Saudi Arabia is also under observation at Uber as they are planning to not only hire female drivers but also they are planning to hold listening sessions in Riyadh soon so as to listen to women and their fears and social and legal problems which they could face while driving.
Government authorities are currently making rules and regulations in this regard to soon enable female drivers the authority to work as taxicab drivers. this will be a female only taxicab driven by a female driver.
PTA chairman Al-rumaih also reminded that all car rentals are soon to be nationalized and they have given the car rental companies/offices 45 days to completely localize the said jobs.this move is taken under the act of Ministry of labor and Social Development to completely nationalize the public transport sector in completion of the vision 2030.