football matches live

Women allowed to watch football matches live!

Another milestone in the history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon to be achieved. Now, women are also allowed to watch football matches live in a stadium for the first time on Friday 12th January. Yes ! It is happening! Its official!

Match schedules are announced already and with this comes up a great round of applause among Saudi women who are eager to watch the match live in a stadium.

Al Ahli VS Al Batin

The first match to be allowed to the women will be between Al Ahli and Al Batin on 12th January which is being held in the capital Riyadh according to ministry of information. The 2nd match will be on 13th January held in Jeddah on the Red Sea and a 3rd match allowed for women will be played on 18th January in Dammam. This report was also published in national newspaper.

football matches live

After the uplifting of driving for men only rule, this New news comes as a wave of fresh air for women as a part of opening new ways for women to excel and enjoy leisure which were reserved only for men previously.

King Fahd international stadium, King Andullah Sports City and Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Stadium will now be opened for women according to the government. Already announced in last year, the allowance of women to watch the live matches, comes into effect this year .

Allowing women to work and drive and now allowance of cinemas and stadiums for women is all a part of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s vision 2030. Lets hope for more good news folks!

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