UAE work visa

Good character certificate now necessary for UAE work visa

As already,  many rules are changing in United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, here is another one for United Arab Emirates (UAE). A ‘good character certificate/ certificate of good conduct’ is now mandatory to obtain UAE work visa in United Arab Emirates (UAE). This decision was taken by a high level committee, approved on 8th January 2018 and will be effected from 4th February 2018.

How to Obtain Certificate for UAE work visa?

This certificate can be obtained by the home country of the expat or the country where he has been living since last five years. This certificate should then be verified by UAE foreign affairs and international cooperation  along with state’s mission.

This Certificate is not for

The high level panel or you can say committee also added that this measure was taken for the betterment and safety of the society to add up good character citizens in it. However,this certificate is not necessary for people who come in United Arab Emirates (UAE) on tourist visa or visit visa . Also not necessary for the dependents of a person working in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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