Dependents Exit Visa

Dependents Exit Visa who are not in Saudi Arabia

There may be some chances that your family came on Exit Re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia and on their home country and due to some Taxes like VAT etc you do not want to bring them back and want your Dependents Exit Visa.

To solve this issue you need to do very simple steps those are described in this article. You have to issue Dependents Exit Visa to avoid any difficulty in Saudi Arabia.

If you become lazy and did not put your focus on this issue then some penalties will be imposed on you month by month. As there are tax increasing and also dependents fee increasing and if you did not issue Dependents Exit Visa then it will be shown in you MOI Absher system, that will create trouble for you.

You should know the rules of Saudi Arabia for Expatriates and because if you do not issue final exit for your dependents then fee will be increased and also you need to pay with a heavy amount after some moths and due to penalties you will also be not able to renew your iqama and other services etc.

First step

is to just download this Form and if you are unable to download you can check with Jawazat office nearby you.  This form should be filled in Arabic Language so if you feel comfortable with Arabic then try to fill it otherwise you need to get help from any Arabic Language person to fill this form for you.

Then you need to go to Jawazat office and submit this form with your family iqamas. You can check with Jawazat office reception that where to submit this kind of form, he will guide you the exact counter for submission this kind of forms.

One big thing

you need to confirm that you have paid all your dues regarding your dependents otherwise your form will be rejected.

Dependents Exit Visa