Documents Needed to stamp Family Visa in home country.

In the previous article, we have discussed about how to apply for the family visit visa in KSA. Now we are discussing that what documents are needed to stamp this visa in your country specifically in Pakistan once you get visa slip from MOFA.
To stamp the Family Visit Visa for most of the middle east countries, Etimad centers are available in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar etc.

To stamp the visa from Etimad, go to and book an appointment. After that you need the following documents before visiting Etimad office :

* Electronic Marriage certificate attested by ministry of foreign office
*if you have children, their B.form attested by ministry of foreign office
* 2-4 passport size pictures (white/blue background)
* NIC copy of both wife and husband
* Sponsor’s clear copy of passport (2)
* Sponsor’s clear and colored copy of Iqama (2) ( half page print larger than normal print)
* MMR vaccination card( done on Etimad centre for 2000pkr per person above age 6)
* visa slip issued by MoFa
* etimad appointment copy
*polio vaccination card

Payment written on etimad website is different to what they actually charge due to insurance purposes. It takes almost 70-75 thousand rupees per passport depending on the amount of insurance. Although the Website shows 60 thousand rupees something.
There are many services like Leopard or TCS who take some money and can attest your documents from foreign office in a week or 10 days. Rest you can do by yourself. Family Visit Visa stamping in non rushy days takes a maximum of 2-4 days and 2 days to reach at your home through local courier services.

Its on your choice if you don’t want them to deliver the passport through courier , you can go in person or get an authorization letter for someone who would take the passport from Etimad office on your behalf.