Family Visit Visa

How to get Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

When a foreigner comes to Saudi Arabia especially a Muslim Expatriate,  he wants to bring his family here even if for once . This can be done by bringing them permanently or through family visit visa.
Now a days , as the policies are changing day by day here in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is not easy to bring the family members permanently due to Iqama status issue . You can check the list of the Iqama professions HERE , which are allowed to bring families permanently.
Otherwise , there is another option available that is bringing the family through family visit visa. The list of professions which can bring families on visit visa is given HERE.

In this article, you will get to know how to bring your family through “visit visa” . Maximum duration of visit visa is 180 days. You can apply visa for 90 days from your home country and later you can extend it one time only for another 90 days.
First of all , go to the MoFa site . Select language as English from top left side. Click on the ‘Individuals’ , then ‘Resident’ and then ‘Family Visit Visa Application’. If you are unable just try with google translate extension in google chrome browser.

*Next page is your personal information. Enter your iqama number , visa number and expiry date of iqama.
*On the next page , you will be able to see details of your profession . Enter the information ,city name in Arabic , valid phone number and your email.
On the next page, write رحلتہ عائلیتہ in justification of visit visa. Select trip as Single. Choose duration of visit as 90 days . Click on Addition now to add the information of your dependents. Add all the required information very attentively as even a single mistake can lead to cancellation of application. After entering all the information , click submit.

Once submitted, print the document and submit to your company to be stamped from chamber of commerce. This part is to be done by your company only. Otherwise you cannot proceed. You can check the status of your application on Mofa site.
It takes 2 to 7 days maximum for the visa to be issued if there are no mistakes .
Once your visa is issued, you can send it to your family in your home country. There they will proceed through Etimad to stamp the visa on their passports.

To get the help in how to stamp visa from Pakistan, click the link HERE