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Tourist Visa Conditions (For Women)

Saudi Arabian tourist Visa is becoming more popular now a days. According to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) , rules have been defined for the women tourists arriving in the Kingdom. A committee is also formed to draft these rules for issuing the tourist visa.

tourist visa (For Women) rules

These new rules and regulations are strictly to be followed and here these are written below:

• Any woman under 25 years of age must be accompanied by the family members
• Any woman above 25 years of age must be a part of a tourist group under a certified tourism agency
• Tourism agency organizing the visit must be licensed by the pertinent authority of its country
• Tour organizers licensed by the ACTNH must receive tourists, supervise their stay and departure and provide at least one tour guide from the kingdom who speaks the language of the tourists
• Tourists must respect the local laws, customs and traditions

Other than that, some other rules for a tour were also stated by the ministry of tourism.

These are stated as below:
A tourist accompany which is going to organize the tour for the tourists must have a license with SCTNH. The whole program should be clearly stated which includes the arrival and departure dates, time period of stay in the Kingdom and other activities.

Tourists are warmly welcomed for tourist visa but they must abide by the local rules and regulations and respect the Saudi culture. It is the duty of the tourism company to inform all the rules and laws to the tourists before their arrival in the Kingdom. Tourism company is solely responsible for the safety of the tourists and if someone goes missing for more than a day , the tourism company must report it to the related authorities.
Any random cancellation of the tour or leaving behind a certain number of tourists will result in a ban of that company to be allowed tourism packages for Saudi Arabia.